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buying a condo in Calgarys Market

Blog by Robin Lear | December 5th, 2012

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Buying a condo in Calgarys market can be tricky. likewise selling a condo sometimes. If you are shopping for condos there are many things to know about the" 3rd level of government " that is a condo board. The actual unit may be nice and the finishings Incredible, but oftentimes buyers will place more of an emphasis on The Building itself, more frequent this is why the Banks and lending institutions are concerned as well.  when I think about buying condos 10 years ago vs. today...it is a different world entirely. In Calgary our condo market has gone through a number of changes including the Boom-Bust-Recovery cycle of 2006/07 to today.  I'm going to write a few more articles specifically dealing with condos. stay tuned for more insight,or call me for specific insight into your situation.