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Flurry of Activity followed by an offer.

Blog by Robin Lear | June 16th, 2012

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The one thing that continually surprises me with NEW Listings and Open houses, is how many people I talk to say that their Realtor is bowling today and unable to come with us...or My Realtor is out of town. Today at our Open house in Richmond Hill, I heard this many times.  Sure Enough, I like to bowl as much as the next guy, but really...on a saturday...If your realtor is too busy to show you a property or you feel like you don't want to bother your realtor.  Ask him/her how much of a bother it is, for you to buy a property with someone else.  Hot Listings typically don't stay on the market very long.  You snooze and you lose, that's the reality in many markets in Canada.  Smart Realtors will tell their clients what the market around them is...Silly Realtors go bowling on a Saturday...Just Sayin'.