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How much do you think buyers deduct for a smoke smelling home?

Blog by Robin Lear | February 12th, 2013

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For many years there has always been a negative vibe with marketing " smelly " homes.  Dog, cat, marijuana, ocean scented wizard airwicks etc, ive seen many buyers tun their nose in the first 7 seconds of entering a home, but no more so than a home that has been consistently smoked in.  I did take a smokers home as a listing ONCE! Never again,after hearing the stories from buyers of their kids throats being sore when they left, and having to cut their showing short, brutal.  Many buyers can deal with oe unpleasantness, but typically id say 50 % of buyers wont even consider a home, when forced with having to remove the smell. Its very complicated, and costly to remove every smidgeon of fabric and fibre, including copious amounts of vinegar, water and tsp on the walls. Typically febreze doesnt do it, in spite of what their commercials will tell you.  For insight into you specific situation please dont hesitate to give me a shout.