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Is this the right garage?

Blog by Robin Lear | February 26th, 2014

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Ran into an interesting scenario recently, where the selling realtor, even asking a series of questions about the actual location of the garage, was simply 'too busy' to really spend the time leaving a trail of breadcrumbs ,or a piece of tape or some form of markation of which garage belonged to the unit my buyer was potentially purchasing.  Simple enough, but in this situation the garages, immediately located behind the townhouse condo's weren't necessarily the same one affixed to the unit.  The key fit the door of the garage we carefully examined with the home inspector, only to eventually ascertain that in fact all the mold damage, moisture, and hidden bodies we uncovered (joking of course) belonged to a different owner, and not the seller of the unit we were potentially purchasing.  The moral of the story representing buyers, is you almost need to Physically have someone represent the garage, as Typically even the condo plan is Fuzzy, or sketched out by a police artist back in the 70s, but physically seeing it without the surprise on possession day at least gets everyone on the same page.  Meanwhile carefully examining someone else's garage was weird, Luckily no one came at us with a large hockey stick.  Incidentally it turned out better  as the garage we purchased didn't have Mold or humaen bodies etc...So good day across the board, I suppose.