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Kevin O'Leary's Commentary on the Calgary Real Estate Market.

Blog by Robin Lear | January 29th, 2015

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Kevin O'Leary, Best known from TV's Dragon's Den, Sharktank, Lang & O'Leary Exchange, and The O'Leary Fund.  etc...Kevin's Overall net worth is pegged around $400 Million.  Kevin recently was in Calgary as the keynote speaker to Calgary's Realtors at the CREB Forecast Breakfast.

Amongst a few other topics including Interest Rates, projections, and What is his take on the Calgary Real Estate Market, with the recent Oil Price Adjustment.

These were some of the highlighted comments. Around the (3:55) mark of the interview he gets in to the REAL ESTATE commentary...

Kevin O'Leary : Its an interesting time in Calgary and Alberta, I look at the Real Estate Data in Canada almost weekly , most importantly the condominium market, the largest commodity in Real Estate. Remarkably through a period oftremendous volitility in Oil Prices, you haven't seen a crack yet in Real Estate here, because there is such a demand...even right now. ..if you go out 6 mos or a year or two years, what will it look like.  My guess would be you're not going to have a significant increase, maybe 2%, but not a 30% reduction.  Take for example the recent Flooding, it's remarkable how fast the recovery took place in and around the River affected properties.

Q:  Are we headed for a recession? (6:12) 

Kevin O'Leary: I think there's going to be a consolidation in the Energy patch of debt-laden small cap companies, merged together through a form of bankruptcy, but the large players have really good balance sheets...at some point the Keystone and East-WEST pipelines are good for AB and housing.

Q: Thoughts on Real Estate as an Investment?

Whats so fascinating is that for 17 years we haven't had a material double digit correction (ie 12-15% increase) ...Real Estate as a hard asset has a better return in some ways than some other investments. ie) Bonds etc...

Q: Just for Fun...The Greatest Guitarist who ever Lived?
Kevin O'Leary: Jeff Beck.