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Listed at 1pm Conditionally sold within Hours

Blog by Robin Lear | March 23rd, 2014

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Calgarys real estate market has been a bit of a mixed bag, depending on the price point. Single Family homes under 500k has been one area of uber-activity with Many selling at or above list price. The challenge being that SOME realtors in Calgary play a Game involving ALL offers being dealt with 3 or 4 days later, or "we arent looking at offers" until Sunday...this is completely within the rules if you have these written instructions from the sellers. It can be a risky venture, as many buyers refuse to participate, and will simply Move on...to another property. My sellers in the Riverbend house, simply wanted to sell in a timely fashion, and when advised of their options, chose to deal with any and all offers the same day, rather than drag out the process, and maybe squeeze out a few nickels and dimes.  It is a weird market in this sense because every seller and every realtor is doing it different. Unfortunately the big loser is consumer confidence in the process of Buying a home.