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Looking at Buying a Vacation property in Kelowna? here's some advice from the Kriegs in Kelowna

Blog by Robin Lear | March 9th, 2012

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Kelowna Market Update
Best February in number of sales of single family homes in Kelowna since 2008. If we look back, we can see a lot of economic predictions about the real estate market. The negative forecasts have been predicting a 40% decline, or more, in house prices while the positive ones have been predicting a more or less stable market for Kelowna. Now after 4 years of basically doom and gloom, we are seeing the first signs of improvements...read more.

In 2011, the population of Kelowna census metropolitan area (CMA) was 179,839, representing an increase of 10.8% from 2006...read more.

Tax Credits – First-time New Home Buyers' Bonus
The Provincial Government recently introduced the enhanced HST new housing rebate, first‐time home buyer’s bonus, and grant for new second and recreation homes programs...read more.Look