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Lots to know when buying a condo

Blog by Robin Lear | February 5th, 2013

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Ive talked about it before, but buying a condo is tricky, if you are using a realtor who isnt well versed in condominiums it can be risky.  the biggest fear a buyer has is not the pretty stainless steel appliances, but its all the stuff you cant see.  like what are the rules with respect to pets, reserve fund study, ie) what if the last study is 5 years old? Is this a building genworth or cmhc will even insure? What are Post tension cables? Many realtors tell you theyve been doing this for 20 years, but if they havent taken a course, or are still using carbon-copy contracts, you may want to ask a few questions! There is a certified condo specialist course that some realtors have taken, and some have not.  If your realtor realtor thinks a CAD sheet means canadian currency, then you're in trouble. For more insight into your current situation, dont hesitate to call.