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Luxury home sales in Calgary

Blog by Robin Lear | January 14th, 2013

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Many articles recently surfacing about Upper end Luxury sales in Calgary. The fact of the matter is that empirically some of the numbers indicate that 1M Luxury sales in Calgary lead the way. But keep in mind that 1M isnt the castle in thevmountains we once used to believe it was when we were 10 yrs old.  In Calgary 1M is what it costs to buy a ridge lot in Aspen woods with a glimpse of the mountains.  1M buys you Dirt on a lot in Mount Royal, batteries or home not included...1M gets you a detached house with Linoleum,no granite, white appliances in Garrison woods, with a double detached garage.  Similarly, from my home town in Thompson Manitoba, i dont think there is a house worth $1M. so whenever we hear about the Luxury market sales, i find it a bit weird, and perhaps a bit misleading. It also leads people to believe we all live in Mansions protected by moats, crocodiles and dogs that spit Bees, just sayin.  In certain segments we are seeing more activity for sure, but compared with 2011, we are probably back to NORMAL levels.  For a specific analysis of your needs flip me an email, or give me a call today! Robin@robinlear.com