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Possession day is a sacred thing!

Blog by Robin Lear | March 15th, 2013

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In our line of work, for many who think that all realtors do is shop for clothes, and cruise around with spinning rims on their vehicles, there is more to it. Everyonce in a while we get to be part of something special. Like, a young girl who is buying her first place, or someone who has overcome serious adversity, to come out of it in a positive fashion, or someone who has relocated from a dangerous part of the world to a new life in Calgary etc...Ive had incredible fortune to have a small part in many of these situations, and most recently another one.  It truly is an honour to hand the keys to a home over to someone to start creating memories in a new place to call home for a year, or ten, to live their life, have a baby, get a new puppy, or create future memories for the next period of their life.  Very Cool!