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Rental Market is Nutty! I recently had a rental property hit the market, with only a few weeks of activity we had over 1300 hits for traffic CRazy.

Blog by Robin Lear | May 8th, 2013

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Anyone looking to rent property in Calgary has likely seen this in action.  We had a house listed for RENT in SE Calgary, in Chaparral.  Nice Family Friendly community, and with only a few weeks on the Rental market had over 1300 web hits.  With a few open houses, we can afford to be a bit picky with the Right type of tenants.  It bodes well for Calgary Landlords.  And certainly we've been on the losing end of it where people did a bit of damage.  So about time...The Rental market as a landlord, isn't all good, but certainly there's an upside to it.  
That being said, with record low mortgage rates, it makes Calgary homebuyers lean towards buying instead of renting. Just sayin', if you can pull together the downpayment, and qualify, then long term you'll save a bit of money.