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Sale Day for 33 Spirit Ridge Lane SW Mystic Ridge at Springbank Hill

Blog by Robin Lear | May 8th, 2013

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 Kind of a strange day, bittersweet in some respects.  The sellers of this home moved here with a hope to start their Life in Canada, after leaving a troubled area in Mexico.  High Crime and the Safety of their kids were at Play.  Over a year ago they moved to Calgary with a hope to build their life and business here.  Through time, it was evident that Canadian Government was more and more difficult to deal with.  When faced with copious amounts of Bureaucracy, they ultimately started to look to the U.S. as more attractive as a Business Owner, and Much less RED Tape.  So after moving their family to Calgary, they ultimately made the move again to TEXAS in an effort to provide a better environment for their 2 kids.  There, they were able to buy a House with 2 acres of land, and a Much higher quality of lifestyle, for less than half the price.  Unfortunate, because these were business people who wanted to build their life in Canada the right way, and ultimately the Canadian gov't made it tougher and tougher for this Family.  With a bit of a heavy heart I wish Fernando, Natasha, Diego and Carolina the Best luck in Texas, and hopefully our paths will cross when we go to visit them in Texas.  Great People, unfortunate that CANADA didn't recognize what they would bring to our society.  Too Bad.