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Should I Buy New Home or Re-Sale...That is the $400k Question?

Blog by Robin Lear | May 28th, 2012

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My Transition from New Home Sales to becoming a Realtor have been Eye opening on what First Time Buyers are feeling when deciding what way to go...Here are some of my thoughts on New Homes! When Buying New you are able to choose the lot, specific upgrades you want, colors that you want in the home and the exterior in most cases. You also get the most up to date building codes, New Technology, appliances etc.  And most Builders are Eco-Friendly, making all New Homes more energy efficient. With being a new Home the maintenance costs are lower because everything is new and most items have a Warranty period on them. A lot of first time Buyers are attracted to the Warranty period because in the first year Builders have a 1 year door to door warranty and they will come back and fix any outstanding issues that may arise. (This is also a learning curve to show you how to fix things and maintain your New Home)  As a new Build you also get a 5 year Structure warranty which is very appealing. For more information please feel free to call/txt 403.998.9616 or email daylafuller@robinlear.com Thanks!