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Staging a home!

Blog by Robin Lear | June 18th, 2013

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Sometimes i hear people talk about staging and how it is or isnt important, the reality is that some homebuyers have an extremely difficult time imagining themselves in someone elses space.  To a point where some realtors will say, well it must be the price! Well, what if it isnt, what if there is bad photography, or problematic space issues, or the smell of a litter box, every time a potential buyer walks in...sometimes it simply isnt $ and somtimes theres sometimes there's something else going on...does the realtor have 0 bathrooms indicated? Do they have the fact that its a walkout, indicated, sometimes there is a reason why you might not be getting the activity you should be getting...sometimes market conditions may not support your pricing, but often times, there is something else re staging or how its listed that could be shooting you in the foot. For more insight into your own situation, feel free to drop me a line...