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Time for a Price Increase for Homes in Calgary?

Blog by Robin Lear | February 4th, 2014

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Lots of talk right now in Calgary from the Soothsayers and prognosticators about what the next 3 months will bring...personally I think we will see a fairly sizable increase to the market segment under 600k for sure. ie) that house you kinda sorta was interested in back in November of 2013, is in fact selling for 525k or 530k today, mostly because of the EXTREMELY limited supply, im no economist, but I did take a few entry level Economics classes in University. Low Supply and high demand are basic tenets for sure. Get ready for the proverbial increase, as sellers in Calgary prepare to increase the prices, like car dealers with a hot commodity, for insight into your personal situation or How high you can go drop me a line robin@robinlear.com