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More fun with condo buying

Blog by Robin Lear | February 9th, 2013

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We've seen an emergence lately with respect to condo buying, having to do with many construction technoques in th 80s using what is called Post-tensioned cables, or PTC cable buildings.  Some lenders and mortgage insurers simply dont like them due to their knowledge of what are perceived to be construction shortcomings.  Many concrete buildings in downtown Calgary are built this way. If you are a condo buyer and looking at buying one, there is a bunch to know for sure! Many intracies and about 100 pages of the most boring reading you'll ever do is included! Lately ive seen more challenges with the mortgage underwriters for First time homebuyers, or anyone requiring mortgage insurance.  They are tricky, and where a banking institution may have no challenge, its just not that simple.  For more condo insight, feel free to ask more questions anytime.