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Quick look at the Stats as we finish up May 2012 almost and a few things jump out at me...

Blog by Robin Lear | May 25th, 2012

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Just a quick look at the May 2012 stats.  We are up to nearly 5962 Active SF and Condo's on the Market in Calgary Metro right now, which is a good sign for Buyers that there is a bit more on the market to choose from.  There is not an abundance on the Market to be clear.  Back in 2006/2007 we were at a low of 1200 sf/condo's on the market, and even when we look almost a year ago, we were upwards of 10,000 and 11,000 listings on the market in the same period.  Global News announced after April stats came out that its a Sellers market, that's likely part of the increase in listings, but we aren't seeing Sellers capitalize necessarily in Balanced Conditions.  Typically we are still seeing about 97 -98% of list price if you are priced well.  Many realtors are short on listings, and Many Buyers feel like they're still looking for the Steal of the Century.  Neither are really occuring.  For more insight on your specific needs, feel free to call me or email directly at 403-969-5327 or robin@robinlear.com If I'm trapped under a Bus, Dayla Fuller on my team can also help out too.